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Project IHTS Nepal

figure showing the increasing no of students

In my role, I was tasked with making strategic plans for social media, designing engaging posts, and optimizing the website for improved visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, I focused on managing social media ads, particularly on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Analysis and Problem Findings

After being hired, I had a meeting with the Managing Director of IHTS Nepal. During our discussion, it became apparent that although he was active on social media and the company website, the outcomes were not satisfactory. Consequently, he decided to bring in a Digital Marketing Manager.

Upon reviewing the social media platforms, website analytics, and SEO metrics, I identified various areas that needed improvement. Social media posts lacked engagement, promotions were under-budgeted, and blog content lacked relevance keywords.


To address these issues, I devised a daily task schedule for social media posts, emphasizing diverse and engaging content. I also advocated for increasing the promotion budget to $10 per day for weekly campaigns, focusing on post engagement and lead generation. As he was only investing $3 per day and doing it less often. Through A/B testing, I optimized campaigns based on demographics and interests, resulting in higher lead conversion rates.

In respect to SEO, I conducted technical analysis and keyword research to optimize content for popular search terms such as “Culinary Arts in Nepal” and related topics. I restructured existing blogs for better keyword alignment and internal linking, while also creating new, targeted content.

For the technical errors we had web developers to fix the issues which was done immediately after being spotted.


report of google search console

Within three months, our efforts yielded significant results, with the website ranking among the top five search results for targeted keywords, leading to increased inquiries and conversions. The relevant keywords were culinary arts in nepal, indian cook training in nepal, chinese cook training in nepal, sushi training in nepal and best cook training in nepal. Social media engagement improved, aided by the adoption of TikTok, while SEO efforts accounted for the majority (70%) of lead conversions, compared to social media’s 20%.

And in the third month we could see a substantial increase in revenue from Rs 3,00,000 to Rs 12,00,000 per month which is 300% increase in the revenue. 


By providing direction and implementing data-driven strategies, I contributed to a notable increase in student enrollment. My approach involved organizing existing platforms and leveraging data analysis to drive results—a contribution I consider among my most impactful.